Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Philippines' Tallest Building

We all know that the World's tallest building right at this very moment is the Taipei 101 and that by September 2009, the title of the World's Tallest Skyscraper would belong to Burj Dubai. Now the question is do you know the tallest building in the Philippines? Do you know how it ranks among the world's tallest? or at least in Southeast Asia?

I'll give you a hint. The Philippines' tallest is located at Ayala Ave. corner Rufino Street in Makati City. It houses call centers like Citibank, Convergys and IBM Daksh. The first ten floors of the building is occupied by one of the oldest banks in the Philippines with which the building was named after. Have a guess? If you're guess is PBCom're right! It is the Philippines' tallest building.

Completed in the year 2000, PBCom Tower is 259 meters high and has 52 floors. It is ranked 83rd tallest in the world. It is owned by Philippine Bank Communications hence the acronym PBCom. The building is ranked 8th tallest in Southeast Asia but according to sources, it would drop to being only 19th tallest in SEA a few years from now. Huh? So is there be a building on the works to become the Philippines' tallest skyscaper? Yup. There are actually three proposed buildings that would surpass the PBCom tower soon.

Skycity that would be erected at Mandaluyong City would stand 335 meters high by its completion in 2012. Another structure that would try to topple the PBCom is the Lopez Center Tower that would be soaring the Rockwell skyline at 320 meters. But the one I am excited about is the tallest of them all. The PAGCOR tower after its completion in 2012 would be the Philippines tallest building ever. It would be 655 meters high which would be taller than Malaysia's Petronas Tower, Chicago's Sears Tower and Taipei 101! If this is really true then this building would put the Philippines on the map! Haha...

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Having a really tall building in Manila is really really cool. BUT....I do hope it is earthquake know the Philippines being on the "pacific ring of fire"....

pbcom is <3. i used to work near pbcom and i have to say that it was really a great sight to see ;)

Oo nga. PBCOM Tower yun. Dito ko lang nalaman. Salamat at sa info. GHindi pa kasi ako nakatuntong ng Manila. hehehe.

Totoo ba yang mga propose Philippines' tallest building in the future na yan?

Wow talaga? lufet nman :) tuwing dumadalaw ako sa site mo lagi nalang akong may bagong natututunan! kaya gusto ko ritong tumatambay eh :)

@ cathy - the PAGCOR tower would be erected at a reclaimed area near Mall of Asia so aside from earthquake, they have to think about typhoon too. well PAGCOR tower is only a part of a giant, world class project so engineers involved with it should think twice about commiting mistakes

@ prosetitute: welcome to the lagoon! aside from its height, there is nothing special about PBCom... it blends with all the buildings in makati...that's why somebody has to make a supertall that is artistic at the same time

@ red: not really sure about the other two but I am confident that the PAGCOR tower will push through! I've been reading a lot about it and I'll try to post an entry solely about it next time...

@ joana: Aww.... thanks! sana nga maging habit mo na ang pagbisita mo sa site ko...cheers!

cool! i'll have to look forward to PAGCOR tower's completion then.proud to be Pinoy! hehe. :)

pagcor tower sa reclamation area? sinabi sa akin na bawal medyo bawal magtayo ng mataas na structures in a reclaimed area so how come could they keep this project on going. More so, taxes na naman ng mga pilipino ang gagamitin diyan.

but anyway, if ever they will be able to build that then good. at least meron na ang pilipinas na isang malaking building na mapagmamalaki.

well i hope PAGCOR's tower will be completed soon. haha

PBcom tower is soaring high..
have worked there, for IBM. hehe nice view from inside.

thanks jowell! cool site. informative!

@ edelweiza: Naku! Kailan kaya yun? Just hoping na matuloy yung project...

@ Jaycee: d'you know that famous hotel na tinayo sa Dubai? i think that was erected on a reclaimed land. yung pag-pagwa naman daw is from foreign investors just like what they did at macua. But of course, meron pa rin ilalabas na pera ang gobyerno for this. What i could say though is that if the plan happens, mababawi agad ng Pilipinas kung anuman yung puhunan na inilabas nito. Basta, I really have high hopes for that project.

@ juz: you've worked there? kewl! Haha. Thanks sa comment...

I hope this PAGCOR Tower will push through. We need a modern icon structure for Manila and this could be it.

i saw it in last week's TIME magazine as an ad portion. it will definitely push thru.

hehehe..dito ako ngayon nakabase sa PBcom for almost 3 years...very nice building saka ang lapit sa mga shopping establishment..stress nga lang kasi hanggang house namin kita ko ang PBCom so parang nagwowork pa rin ako..sana makapagwork din ako sa pagcor tower if ever matapos na sya...lapit din ako sa site na yun eh..

I hope that these buildings will be well plan so that they resist earthquake. But I know it is possible for these buildings to rise here in the Philippines, just look at Taipei 101 of Taiwan, Petronas Towers of Malaysia and the planned more than 500m Jakarta Tower of Indonesia & 600m Tokyo Sky Tree of Japan all of these countries with supertall buildings are located at the pacific ring of fire & are designed carefully especially to withstand earthquake
& these 3 planned tallest buildings in the Philippines are being built by by a private company not the government

the PAGCOR Observation Tower will push through, it would be the 2nd tallest structure in the world, take note...and our country's in the list of tallest structure in the world.

what do we expect from this government if a single straight line of road project cannot be done, panu pa ung multimillion dollar project? san lng matapos.......eheee

May news update naba about pagcor tower and bnp e city?

my boyfriend is very proud of himself working in the highest building in the country..^_^ and i'm proud of him too.

really? di ba hindi pwede magtayo ng high rise tower sa bay Area? hanngang midrise lang dun, dahil sa malapit ito sa Airport. at reclaimed area yun, malamang hidi totoo yan, tsaka bakit wala stratford residences sa list?

hindi lang dahil sa reclaimed area ang Bay Area the fact na malapit ito sa Airpot malamang hindi matutuloy yan, sa Pasay bawal ang High Rise Condo kung napapansin nyo mga tinatayong tower dun ng different developers like SMDC, Anchor Land, Federal Land to name a few eh mga nasa 18-20 storeys lang, pero kung matutoloy yan sisnasabi mo eh thats good :)