8 Most Anticipated PlayStation Vita Games

I made a list of the Vita games I'm most salivating for at the moment. See what games made my list.[...]

Survivor Recap: He Has Demons

After a boring pilot, things are starting to heat up at Survivor: South Pacific. Last week, Semhar was voted off the Savaii tribe after revealing her weakness at the Immunity Challenge. Then she complained about people lying straight to her face when she reached Redemption Island. Welcome to Survivor, Semhar!


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If you are going [...]


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Replace these every slider sentences with your featured post descriptions.Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these with your own descriptions.This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha - Premiumbloggertemplates.com[...]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survivor Recap: He Has Demons

After a boring pilot, things are starting to heat up at Survivor: South Pacific. Last week, Semhar was voted off the Savaii tribe after revealing her weakness at the Immunity Challenge. Then she complained about people lying straight to her face when she reached Redemption Island. Welcome to Survivor, Semhar!

After the tribal council, Cochran had his mind on starting anew. He wanted to change how the tribe perceive him as a weakling and a liability in challenges. Meanwhile, Ozzy and Keith secretly formed an alliance and plans to take Jim with them to the final three. This plan was solidified when a simple fishing trip by Jim, Ozzy and Keith turned into an opportunity for Jim to lay down his plan. The plan was for the three strong guys of Savaii to band together and pull in Elyse and Whitney to get the numbers on their side. Leaving Cochran, Dawn and Papa Bear in the mercy of their tribemates.

On the side of Upolu, Brandon revealed to Coach that he is related to the ``Russel Hantz`` by showing him his tattoo. Coach was shocked but Brandon immediately assured him that he plans to play with honor and loyalty alongside him if Coach promised not to tell anyone of his secret. That wasn`t the only demon Brandon is dealing with lately. Apparently, he isn`t comfortable with Mikayla around. Brandon thinks Mikayla, young and beautiful, is seducing the men of Upolu to her advantage in the game and plans to get rid of her the first chance he gets. 

The quest for the hidden immunity idol continues as Christine finds the clue to the whereabouts of the idol. But the jackpot was made by Ozzy who, after 2 seasons of Survivor, knew how and where the idol will be hidden. Ozzy found the idol tucked on a tree and retrieved it with ease. With the idol safe in his hiding spot, Ozzy plans not to tell anybody that he has it to avoid it being flushed early and use it post merge when the opportunity calls for the idol.

At the Immunity Challenge, the two tribes will be competing in a two part game. 4 members of each tribe will untie ribbons from a pole to get hold of a key that will then be used to release the remaining members of the tribe. Those four members must then solve a puzzle of heavy crates and release the largest piece that they have to carry across the platform to win immunity plus the reward of pillows, blankets, and hammock. Both tribes decided to leave the ribbons to the girls and the crates to the men. Upolu had a big lead with the ribbons but that slipped away when the men of Savaii breezed through the puzzle crates and secured immunity for the tribe.

At the Upolu beach, Brandon and Coach had different opinions on who should go home. Coach wanted to get rid off Christine but fearing that Christine may have already found the immunity idol, he wants to split the votes to Christine and Stacey. Brandon wants Mikayla gone and told Chirstine and Stacy about it.

Not even 5 minutes into the Tribal Council, Coach dropped the bomb that Stacey and Christine is planning to vote out Mikayla to the surprise of the tribe and Survivor host Jeff Probst. Christine denied this and got off the hook when Brandon finally came clean and admitted that he started the `vote Mikayla` thing. Only, this didn`t help Christine at all when Coach`s initial plan came to friution and sent her to Redemption Island with Semhar.

* * * * * 
I think it is safe to say that Savaii has its five locked down with Ozzy, Keith, Jim, Elyse and Whitney. The three remaining members of the tribe are physically weak and aren`t playing the best social game either. Unless something really weird happens, the five will just eventually pick of who they want to go in TC. 

Upolu has a task on their hand after this tribal council: figure out who to trust. After Brandon`s self confession about wanting to vote out Mikayla, he could be a target. Coach obviously wants his tribe to stay as strong as possible, and Mikayla being the strongest of the females, will be a valuable part of the team in challenges. This becomes a problem for the alliance of Coach, Albert, Rick, Sophie and Brandon who were supposed to be the tightest group in the tribe.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

8 Most Anticipated PlayStation Vita Games

Everytime I read previews and watch demos involving the new PlayStation Vita, I can't help but to salivate. Each article I read about it just makes the wait all the more agonizing! In case you haven't heard, PlayStation Vita is set to launch in Japan on December 17th of this year with 26 TITLES in tow including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, Disgaea 3 Return, Hot Shots Golf 6 and Blazblue Continuum Shift II Plus among others. Sony is definitely trying to avoid to make the same mistake Nintendo did with the 3DS when it launched with few and mediocre games. Sadly, no details on the NA release of the portable gaming device has been reported.

There's a ton of games in development for the Vita so I'm sure there's gotta be at least one title that would appeal to whatever kind of a gamer you are. With that said, let me give you a list of my most anticipated titles. 

8. Persona 4: The Golden

I'm not really into JRPG. The only JRPG that I really liked was the Valkyria Chronicles series. It was also the only JRPGs I've beaten. That said, I've played a decent amount of Persona 3 Portable to say that it is definitely an interesting game. And now that Persona 4: The Golden is announced for the Vita, this could very well be the game I would be buying if I feel the need for a JRPG. The reimagination of this PlayStation 2 original is said to have an additional character, new voice work, and other new content to make the Vita port appealing to fans and new adopters alike.

7. Resistance: Burning Skies

Another game genre I'm not a big fan of is the FPS genre. Go ahead call me names! But seriously, I prefer third-person shooters than first-person shooters because I get dizzy playing the latter. That is why I can't get into the whole "Call of Duty" bandwagon. So why include Resistance: Burning Skies in this list? Because it looks awesome! The Vita, having dual analog sticks, is perfect for portable FPSs and this game proves it. Plus it has some smart touch screen control that would make this game more appealing to gamers like me who  aren't as skilled in FPS games.

6. Escape Plan

Not much is known about this game but its interesting art style definitely got me to dig more info about it. The game's objective is simple: Help Laarg and Lil escape by any means without them dying in the process. Judging from the game's trailer, it's possibly a platformer/ puzzle game with quirky characters. It has been said that Escape Plan won't be using any of the Vita's face buttons so controlling Laarg and Lil would make use of the touch screen, back touch panel and Sixaxis. 

5. LittleBigPlanet Vita

Seldom would anybody say that the portable version of a game is the definitive version. But that could be true for LittleBigPlanet! This is the game that got me interested with the Vita. It is still the same "Play. Create. Share." goodness we have known the series for but with the addition of touch screen, touch panel and Sixaxis into the mix, the game becomes much more fun and engaging. I must say that judging from THIS, LittleBigPlanet is the first game to fully utilize the Vita's hardware features without it looking gimmicky. LittleBigPlanet is one of the Vita's system-seller and rightfully so.

4. Street Fighter X Tekken

I'm a fighting game fan and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I am pumped for Street Fighter X Tekken. I play fighting games on my PSP to relieve stress and since I could just jump right into a match anytime, I feel like fighting games are perfect for portables. So I almost peed my pants when I learned that SFxT is coming to the Vita. SFxT will use the Street Fighter IV engine with some tweaks on the gameplay. This would be a day one purchase for me and with the announcement of Lili being in the game, it sealed the deal all the more!

3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

I love the Uncharted series. More than the addictive gameplay or the jaw-dropping visuals, it is the characters that made me fell in love with the series. Naughty Dog produced two of the best PS3 games with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and I'm sure Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will continue  the tradition of quality and polish the series is known for. Now, imagine a portable Uncharted. Sweet! Developed by Resistance Retribution creator Bend Studios and with the guidance of Naughty Dog, Uncharted: Golden Abyss should be a worthy addition to the franchise albeit on a portable scale. This is touted "The system seller" by many gaming blogs and it's not hard to see why.

2. Gravity Daze

With so many Vita games that are either a port or a remake, it is nice to know that there are interesting new IPs set to debut on the system. Among them, Gravity Daze developed by SCE Japan Studio is my most anticipated. The first thing that's going to draw you in the game is the cell shaded art style that is nothing short of gorgeous (It is said to look even better on the Vita's 5" OLED screen). Add the quirky characters and a gravity-based gameplay and the game rocketed to the top to my must have games list. I'm really hoping Gravity Daze becomes a commercial and critical success to inspire more developers to make new IPs for the Vita.

1. Little King Story Vita

And finally, my most anticipated game on the Vita as of date is LITTLE KING STORY VITA!!! As far as I know, this isn't a remake or a port of the Wii original. It is said to be a sequel to the first game with muti-touch control. Sadly, I've never played the first game because I don't have a Wii. But what I've been seeing and reading around the web is enough to convince me to make this the first game I should buy along the Vita. Look at that art style! It's so charming!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love HK Part 1

With barely a month of preparation, I'm so happy we pulled this trip of.
Thank God for Google!!!I needed this trip...BAD!
I'm getting tired of working and the heat in Manila is unbearable.
Needless to say, this trip came at a very good time.

Our flight was at 5:40 AM so we needed to be at NAIA Terminal 3 three hours before. Joining me on this trip is my sister Jollie who was even more excited about this trip than I was and I can't blame her... we don't get much opportunities to spend time together like this. We boarded Cebu Pacific flight 5J 108 bound to Hong Kong Int'l Airport. I didn't know Cebu Pac don't serve snacks (you have to buy them...even water!) in flight so it was a good thing that we ate at the airport after checking-in. The flight took 1 1/2 hours and by 7:30 AM we were on our way to Panda Hotel were we have a reservation for two nights. I knew 3 ways to get there: by the E31 bus, by the Hotel Shuttle, and by MTR. Since we didn't made the necessary arrangements for the Hotel Shuttle and going to the hotel by taxi will be expensive, our two choices will be by bus or by MTR. The cheapest way is by Bus so that was our first choice but unfortunately we weren't able to find the bus so opted for the MTR.

We took the Airport Express to Tsing Yi Station where we were supposed to transfer trains to Lai King, transfer again to Tsuen Wan Line and from Tai Wo Hau station it was less than a 5 minute walk to the hotel. But feeling adventurous, we asked Filipinas at Tsing Yi station of a way to get to the Hotel by bus. We were given instructions to ride the 409 and we found where the bus is, the only problem was that it went to the opposite direction. So yeah, we got lost but we made it to the hotel anyway by talking the same bus haha.

PANDA HOTEL. Booking.com gave us a really good deal with Panda Hotel. We were booked to stay for 2 nights in one of their deluxe rooms for only 1000 HKD plus taxes. Panda Hotel is located at Tsuen Wan in the New Territories and is just 30 minutes away from the Airport, Disneyland, Kowloon and Central. Good thing that the people at the reception desk are good in English and they were able to confirm our reservation quickly but they had to make us wait for an hour so that they can clean our room because we arrived a little too early than check-in time. They also asked for 50 HKD deposit that they would give back upon check-out.

So what can i say about Panda Hotel? It is good value for your money! The lobby is small but nicely decorated with panda stuffed toys. There's also a Info desk where you could inquire about tours, buy tickets for HK Disneyland and even ask for directions to spots in Hong Kong you would like to visit. Not to mention that the Hotel also has free shuttle to Tsim Sha Tsui that departs hourly. If you would walk around the surrounding area, there are fast foods like McDonald's and KFC. We didn't get a chance to try food at Panda Cafe so I can't really comment about that.

About the room, they aren't spacious and lavishly decorated, but they are adequate. Most important of all the room is clean. We asked for a room in their Non-smoking floor and contrary to what I've read that the rooms smell smoky, our room smells fresh and clean. The bed is soft and comfortable, the bathroom is clean and complete with toiletries, and the room is complete with fridge, microwave oven, water heater for your convenience. All in all, I would definitely recommend Panda Hotel. It is just a shame we didn't get to use the pool and the gym due to lack of time. Maybe next time...

While we were still resting at room 2737, we were in a dilemma. The plan on the first day was to go to Macau and then go to the Avenue of Stars to watch the Symphony of Lights. But bad decision-making, lack of preparation and bad luck prevented us from going to Macau on that day. We could go the next day but that would just ruin the itinerary I planned so we scratched Macau altogether from our list and adjusted the itinerary.

VICTORIA PEAK. Instead of going to Macau, we decided to check out Victoria Peak. We took the MTR Tsuen Wan Line and got off Central Station and from there we walked to get to the Peak Tram. It was a Sunday so the line was kinda long. The first time I've been to Hong Kong, we weren't able to visit Victoria Peak so I made sure that this time around I'd get to see the fantastic Hong Kong skyline I've heard so much about. And to get there, we needed to take the Peak Tram. The ride was ok... except when images of disaster happening gets into your head. I mean I can't help it, the tram is going up a very very steep hill! But once you get a glimpse of the view from the tram though, those disaster images will fade.

The ticket we bought was the one with an access to the Sky Terrace on top of the Peak Tower which gives the best view of the Hong Kong Syline. Here's a tip: go there sometime at the afternoon and stay there until it gets dark and watch how the view changes. While at the Peak Tower, you could shop at the mall for souveniers or dine in restos with fantastic view of the city. Truth is from the peak you could ride a bus to take you down, but we opted for the roundtrip ticket for the tram and by 7 PM we were on our way down to get to our next destination for the day.

AVENUE OF STAR. While surfing the net for the top tourist spots in HK, I would always stumble on the Symphony of lights show so I made sure that I witness this for myself. It starts at 8:00 PM and lasts for a good 15 minutes so better be at the Avenue of Stars 5 minutes before 8. We went to Admiralty Station and rode the train to Tsim Sha Tsui, walked to get to the Avenue of Stars and at 8 PM the show started. Basically its a lights and laser show that a group of buildings in HK has been doing for quite some time now. It is quite nice and every night a good number of tourists would watch this laser and lights spectacle that is best viewed from the benches at the Avenue of Stars. Because of too much walking, we decided to call it a day and went back to the hotel. We were supposed to look around the vicinity for night markets but decided against it and went to bed instead...

the next day should be interesting since we have a lot to visit according to our itinerary...


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's CamSur, Baby! Day 2

This is the second part of my post about my recent trip to CamSur with friends. If you haven't read the first part, click THIS.

Chapter 3: Butanding!

So it is day 2 of our Getaway and we woke up really early so that we can catch the 7 AM boat ride back to Sabang. Thank Gawd the waters were calm that morning. No waves at all. We arrived at Sabang as scheduled and from there we took a van taxi that would take us to SM Naga. Few people were short on cash and needed replenishment and the mall is the best place to get it. Triccia and Celso told us about a resto, well actually they brought this travelogue about CamSur and in it are "must visit" places in the Bicol Region. One section there is dedicated to a resto called "Chef Doy's" and they insisted we check it out. Good timing because we are yet to eat lunch. So we made our way to Magsaysay Ave and found the restaurant.

For some reason, the gang wanted to meet Chef Doy! Which I was hesitant of well because, first of all, I dunno he maybe busy and second we were just a group of young tourists so why would a Chef want to meet us. But fortunately, Chef Doy was very friendly and he welcomed us warmly. He even chit chatted for a little while and introduced us to his nephew Gelo Linaw, I think, who was supposed to be the World Junior Wakeboarding Champ. We even had Chef Doy sign the travelogue Celso bought. It was crazy!!! But let's talk about the food. WOW! Wow wow wow!!! It was amazing. If I had a choice I wouldn't really eat at Pinoy Restos but Chef Doy changed that. The food was really really good. Justifies the feature in the travelogue. We ordered , of course Bicol's pride, Bicol express, Kinalas, Grilled Liempo and Lechon Kawali in Kare-kare. Yum! If only Chef Doy would open up a branch here in Manila...

After we got our stomachs full, we then headed to the PASALUBONG shop for a quick shopping because it is past 1 Pm and he haven't arrived at CWC where we had a reservation. So after barely 20 minutes, we were walking towards our taxi with plastics of pasalubong in hand. I bought sweets because a Filipino pasalubong is never complete without them. Honey coated Pili, Pili Chocolate, Pili cake... heck everything could be made with Pili when you're in Bicol! From pulvoron and yema to cookies and pastillas... Pili can mibe mixed into it. So after the shopping we then went to CWC where we would be spending the whole afternoon and the night.

Man, CWC is BIG! I've been to Lago de Oro in Batangas and it does not compare to CWC. This is so much bigger and better. And the moment I stepped out of the taxi, Europeans are everywhere. They are all over the place. Kudos to the Governor of the region for pushing this project for tourism because it seems to be working. So yeah, the place still needs some work but what is there right now is enough to satisfy people who travelled miles just to wakeboard in the Philippines. We reserved 4 Cabanas for 1300+ pesos each so wow that's cheap plus the Cabanas were really nice so I thought it was a steal for that amount. We checked in and soon enough we were ready to hit the waters once again.

Okay, so we didn't get to wakeboard or kneeboard for that matter. Because we were exhausted. Why? Because of an hour playing at LAGO DEL REY. It looks innocent enough with its big, colorful, floating courses that we've mistaken for kids' play pool. I was even embarrassed at first because we were 20 something tourists, we're not supposed to be there. But I guess for the spirit of fun, I tagged along. But whoah, LAGO DEL REY wasn't designed for kids at all! If you guys are familiar with the show WIPEOUT, it is kind of like it. It looks easy but it is so not. We were on the first course and we were already panting like dogs! Mainly because of helping each other to get through the course. BUTANDING! Lol. So yeah this chapter is titled "Butanding" because for countless times we were dragging, pulling or pushing are not so sexy friends to be able to finish the course. We went on the giant slide, the floating trampoline, the iceberg, the giant seesaw, we tried it all!!! And it was a lot of fun even though we were really tired when all of it's done. We were supposed to try wakebaording but it didn't happen because we had no energy at all. BUTANDING! ROFL.

To wrap up the day, Chasty gave in to our *cough* request *cough* to treat us dinner (Thanks Chasty!) even though her birthday is not until next month! Yeay! And just like classic group dinners we had before, there has to be the What-Can-You-Say-About-This-And-That Chikahan after. We talked about what were our wishes for the barkada... so cheesy. Some talked not changing as individulas, some talked about having the same energy and ties even when we are on our forties, but what I liked the most is when we talked about the future Getaways we would be making! Next year, the target of the group is to go ABROAD! Woot! Woot! I'm all up for it! So where do we go? Hong Kong? Macau? Bangkok? Bali? Singapore? I'm excited!!!

Phrase of the Day:
"Daan ko kayong Cagsawa?"

Event of the Day:
Rescuing the Butanding

Picture of the day:
This is how you pose for the camera! Woohoo!

Chapter 4: Cagsawa? Casagwa? Cawagsa?

And the day to come home to Manila arrives. It was Monday morning and our flight to Manila was at 8 AM so we had to wake up at 5 AM. But since we still had the luxury for some last minute sightseeing, we went to the famous Cagsawa Ruins just minutes away from the airport. I only usually see it at postcards but the sight of the Mayon's perfect cone from Cagsawa was really cool. It was so majestic. And the Cagsawa Church was great too. And again we had to take pictures, but wait, we have a photographer this time!!! Kuya, that's how we decided to call the little guy, came up to us and gave us a brief history of what happened ala tour guide and insisted to take our pictures. Nice guy, right? There is a catch! He would be deciding what our poses would be. LOL. He was so insistent on doing camera tricks that would result to pictures of you touching the tip of the volcano or holding one of your friends like a toy. It was hilarious! But the guy certainly has talent! He should be a photographer/tour guide.

So after the sightseeing. We headed onto the airport and it was kinda sad to end such a great trip! Sure we will be broke until the next pay day but who cares? We had fun! That's all that matters. And I am really looking forward to the next trip me and this gang would soon be doing. Shoti! I think our next destination is Virgin Beach, right? That's this summer and I had my calendar marked, okay? LOL. Flickr Photos parts 3 & 4 HERE and HERE.

So that was it. A trip that I don't think one of us would forget. Thank you CamSur for that wonderful weekend...

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It's CamSur, Baby! Day 1

This post should have been published weeks ago but better late than never... so here goes...

And so the first ever OUT-OF-TOWN trip me and my college friends dared to go to is one that would take us to Camarines Sur. This trip is BIG for all of us mainly because yeah it is our first trip as friends and it requires us to use all three means of transportation: by land, air and sea!

So we met up at NAIA Terminal 2 at, if my memory serves me right, 6:oo in the morning coz our flight is at 7. Everyone was psyched and ready to board the plane to Lepazpi. One particular person who was excited more than all of us, i assume, is Diane because it would be her first time to board a plane! I had to interview her before and after the plane ride and all she could talk about was the "cute" steward who according to Celso and Triccia is a "becky". LOLZ.

Chapter 1: Malapit na...

From Legazpi Airport, we rented a van and made a two hour drive to Sabang Port where we are supposed to catch the last boat ride (11:00 AM) that would take us to Guijalo port in Caramoan. The boat was not what I was expecting. It was too small for a two hour boat ride IMO. But that didn't matter back then because we were so pumped for this trip nothing would ruin this day! Or so we thought...

The first hour of the boat ride was ok, it was even great in my opinion because even though it was long I get to see the ocean, mountains, and what have you. It was such a breath of fresh air from the manila traffic and steel buildings I see everyday. Of course that was before the waves came crushing in... LITERALLY! The waves weren't that big but considering the boat wasn't that big either, we could feel its ups and lows! It was fun at first but when we started to get wet, and the waves got too big for the boat to handle... it got terrible. It was then when I started hearing people asking "Malapit na ba tayo?" which the boat guys would reply "Malapit na...", and of course you'd believe them, right? They've been going to these ports back and forth their whole life so they know exactly where we are and it is just rational to assume that their calculation of the distance is pretty accurate. HOW WRONG WERE WE!!! An hour after and we are still in the middle of Gawd knows where!?! We were starting to feel sick and to my horror Mr. Boat Guy enclosed the boat with a tarpaulin so as to prevent as form getting soaked with sea water which proved to be a bad idea because not only did we felt sicker, it also drained us of , I can't believe I'm saying this, HOPE. We felt desperation like we've never felt before. It was that bad. I started to fear for our lives!!! And my friends felt the same way too. I had my eyes closed and would only open it to check how far we are from shore. I've never felt desperate to walk on land until that day. It was so relieving when the tarp was pulled up and we saw that we are just meters away form the port. Phew! A trip I would never ever froget. We couldn't stop talking about it. "Malapit na..." my ass.

So from Guijalo Port, we were picked up by the shuttle AKA Silver Strada to take us to the hotel. We stayed at CMC Villa Caramoan which was actually owned by the Mayor of Caramoan. Tired, hungry and shaken kids that we were back then, we were thankful that our lunch and rooms were ready. CMC is a good place to stay at Caramoan. It was disappointing though that it isn't located near the beach and we actually had to make a 15 minute drive to get to there. But the place is okay, still new. But the best thing about CMC is their service. Lunch was delicious and we needed that to take our minds off the boat ride from hell. The people at CMC are really really nice too. Since it was almost 3:00 PM, we had to make a quick wardrobe change and freshen up so that we could start with our island tour.

Chapter 2: Wow Caramoan!

We rode a small boat that would take us to the many islands comprising the Caramoan group of Islands. Even from the beach where we started the tour, I could see how beautiful Caramoan is... it was really lovely.

The islands, more like the big rocks, are a beauty to look at it made me forget about the ordeal we had going to Guijalo. The scenery was breath taking I just couldn't stop clicking on the camera so as not to miss anything. I especially love that the ocean is so blue! The charm of Caramoan was growing on me and by the time we arrived at our first island, I think I fell in love with the place. First stop: Matukad Island. They say that this Island has one of the best beach here and for really good reasons. The sand was so fine we had to take home handfuls to show people back home. The beach was great! The water was so clear and the view form the beach was fantastic. It was paradise! The island was home to a famous "big fish" that is living in a pond but we didn't get to see it because in order to get to the pond, we had to climb a steep wall of rocks and after what we've been through earlier, we didn't think risking our lives for the second time would be such a smart idea so we took pictures of ourselves instead and man were we cam whores!!!
We took so much pictures that it is safe to say that we spent more timing smiling for the camera than to actually swim! Which was weird because we are at one of the most gorgeous beach I've been to. Parts 1 & 2 of Photos from our CamSur Getaway HERE and HERE. But we didn't just took photos at Matukad Beach, the island also became the venue of our Sand Castle Making contest... if it were really castles that we've made because the photos suggests something else... haha.

After, some more picture taking, we headed onto the next island: Lajos. Lajos Island isn't really good for swimming because the shore is lined with really sharp rocks so what did we do there? More picture taking of course!!! The island, just like Matukad, is really lovely but this one is much better for picture taking. The rock formations in this island is really nice and the sand, though not as fine as that over at Matukad, is good too. It would have been nice to eat here but we were running out of time so we had go back to the boat.

The last island we visited was... shoot, I forgot the name. But that was the island in front of Hunongan beach. Of the three islands, I think this was my least favorite but it is still a nice island though, we ate snacks there and soon enough we were heading back to our boat to wrap up the day.

And what a crazy day it was! From being pumped, to being desperate, to being calm... it was crazy! And what better way to finish off the tour but with a cinematic sunset? The sunset was one that can rival those of Manila Bay and Boracay! Sure enough the shuttle was there to take us back to the hotel but not before we visit the historical San Miguel Church. After setttling down, we attacked our buffet dinner. Food was good!!! They would usually serve seafood and my were they fresh!

Even at the end of that day, we still couldn't get over the boat ride. It already made a mark on all of us! LOL. We were all hoping that because our boat ride back to Sabang Port the next day is in the morning, the waters would be calmer. We had little chats about our college life, classmates and career before heading to our respective rooms to call it a day. So far so good. This trip was meant to be remembered.

Phrase of the Day:
"Malapit na..."

Event of the Day:
BoatRide form Hell

Picture of the day:

"Naks naman! Woot! Woot!"

Part two HERE

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