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Pinoy Urban Legends 2.0

As promised, here's the part two of Pinoy Urban Legends. Enjoy!

1. In UP Diliman, a student decided to take an early morning drive with his Volkswagen of a car around campus. Later that day, his body was found a few feet from his car that had run out of gas and had thousands of kilometers added to the odometer. The stude was said to have starved to death. People said that the student was made fun of spirits in the campus and he ended up wandering around and around, without ever finding his way back. The catch: today, if you happen to wander around that particular campus around daybreak, you may encounter the little red Volkswagen car with a desperate student driver who'll ask you for directions back to the dorm. Never ever give him directions or you'll end up just like him.

2. A student attending an all-girls school in Manila under the administration of nuns stayed late in school to research about a project she was supposed to pass that week. As she was about to leave, she noticed while walking along, the corridor a classroom with lights still on. Out of curiosity, she headed to that room and went inside. Before she was able to enter the room she heard a screeching sound of chalk forcefully sliding through the face of the blackboard. When she went in she found a nun writing on the blackboard "HELP ME, I'M IN HELL." Before she could even think of screaming, the nun turned to her... faceless.

3. A Woman in her forties was invited to stand as principal sponsor in a wedding to be held in one of the big churches in Manila. The bride and groom had told her not to be shocked when she sees one of thier special guests, who was supposedly a long lost kumpadre. So she went to the wedding and there she saw the man, walking very oh so slowly along the aisle. She thought then that if the man were really alive, she'd at least expect him to be confined to a wheelchair, either because of old age or his reported illnesses or both. But the man was walking all by himself, albeit a cane and some bodyguards surrounding him. Then came the signing of the marriage contract, and the woman had thought of checking if the man and his famous signature would match. They did. She later learned that his being alive is top secret, and is known only among the man's followers. The man is none other than Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

4. Two reporters were invited to a party in a house somewhere in new manila. They went there and partied the whole night. They met "people" that were supposedly members of prominent families who were willing to pay a big sum of money if they agreed to publicize their business. So they gave the reporters their contact numbers before the two headed home. The next day, they reporters tried to contact the businessmen but they failed to get answers. Every number given to them was owned by somebody else. Being reporters and having connections, they researched about the busienssmen and their businesses. Shocked they later found out that all the people in the party were dead for a very long time.

5. A group of medical students from a reputable University decided to play a harmless prank on their easily-frightened classmate. They planned a special study session to be held in the cadaver room with their intended victim. When the girl arrived for the session and found no one in the cadaver room, she thought she was too early and decided to read her notes. The rest of her group mates were actually hiding and they switched the lights off. The girl screamed and screamed for minutes banging on the door locked by her classmates. After some time, the screaming and the banging stopped. The pranksters began to wonder what happened and dedcied to go in the room. Upon turning the lights on, they were shocked to see their hapless classmate gnawing on a piece of the cadaver.

6. A man was driving alone along a dark road in the middle of the night (some say it is Balete, others do not specify). He noticed another car behind him. Nothing strange there. But after a while, he noticed that the car was still there and seemed to be following him. To be sure, he took a series of turns. But the car was on his tail, what more he kept on flahsing the headlights. The guy decided to stop the car and confront the driver. The driver of the car that was following him immediately got off his car white-faced. "Pare, kanina pa kita pinatatabi kasi merong babae sa likuran ng kotse mo na may dalang kutsilyo na tinututok sayo. Pero nung nag-flash ako ng headlight biglang nawala."

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Advance all souls day 'to. Galing ng number 3! Baka totoong buhay pa si late Ferdinand Marcos! hehehe

hala, kaloka naman yung no.3.kung ako rin yung babae, msshock tlga ako at mttkot.mumu, mumu, mumu...hehe. :)

wah.clever story teller huh.. scary also..
hey, i love sidney sheldon books too.. read all of his books..too bad he is not here anymore.. u found anyone who writes like him? his books are the best..

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@ reanaclaire: thanks a lot! you've read it all? Wow. I'm still trying to find time to get back on reading his works but that probably wouldn't be happening any time sooner. busy bee! No, haven't found anyone who had the same tactic in storytelling...

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