Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survivor Recap: He Has Demons

After a boring pilot, things are starting to heat up at Survivor: South Pacific. Last week, Semhar was voted off the Savaii tribe after revealing her weakness at the Immunity Challenge. Then she complained about people lying straight to her face when she reached Redemption Island. Welcome to Survivor, Semhar!

After the tribal council, Cochran had his mind on starting anew. He wanted to change how the tribe perceive him as a weakling and a liability in challenges. Meanwhile, Ozzy and Keith secretly formed an alliance and plans to take Jim with them to the final three. This plan was solidified when a simple fishing trip by Jim, Ozzy and Keith turned into an opportunity for Jim to lay down his plan. The plan was for the three strong guys of Savaii to band together and pull in Elyse and Whitney to get the numbers on their side. Leaving Cochran, Dawn and Papa Bear in the mercy of their tribemates.

On the side of Upolu, Brandon revealed to Coach that he is related to the ``Russel Hantz`` by showing him his tattoo. Coach was shocked but Brandon immediately assured him that he plans to play with honor and loyalty alongside him if Coach promised not to tell anyone of his secret. That wasn`t the only demon Brandon is dealing with lately. Apparently, he isn`t comfortable with Mikayla around. Brandon thinks Mikayla, young and beautiful, is seducing the men of Upolu to her advantage in the game and plans to get rid of her the first chance he gets. 

The quest for the hidden immunity idol continues as Christine finds the clue to the whereabouts of the idol. But the jackpot was made by Ozzy who, after 2 seasons of Survivor, knew how and where the idol will be hidden. Ozzy found the idol tucked on a tree and retrieved it with ease. With the idol safe in his hiding spot, Ozzy plans not to tell anybody that he has it to avoid it being flushed early and use it post merge when the opportunity calls for the idol.

At the Immunity Challenge, the two tribes will be competing in a two part game. 4 members of each tribe will untie ribbons from a pole to get hold of a key that will then be used to release the remaining members of the tribe. Those four members must then solve a puzzle of heavy crates and release the largest piece that they have to carry across the platform to win immunity plus the reward of pillows, blankets, and hammock. Both tribes decided to leave the ribbons to the girls and the crates to the men. Upolu had a big lead with the ribbons but that slipped away when the men of Savaii breezed through the puzzle crates and secured immunity for the tribe.

At the Upolu beach, Brandon and Coach had different opinions on who should go home. Coach wanted to get rid off Christine but fearing that Christine may have already found the immunity idol, he wants to split the votes to Christine and Stacey. Brandon wants Mikayla gone and told Chirstine and Stacy about it.

Not even 5 minutes into the Tribal Council, Coach dropped the bomb that Stacey and Christine is planning to vote out Mikayla to the surprise of the tribe and Survivor host Jeff Probst. Christine denied this and got off the hook when Brandon finally came clean and admitted that he started the `vote Mikayla` thing. Only, this didn`t help Christine at all when Coach`s initial plan came to friution and sent her to Redemption Island with Semhar.

* * * * * 
I think it is safe to say that Savaii has its five locked down with Ozzy, Keith, Jim, Elyse and Whitney. The three remaining members of the tribe are physically weak and aren`t playing the best social game either. Unless something really weird happens, the five will just eventually pick of who they want to go in TC. 

Upolu has a task on their hand after this tribal council: figure out who to trust. After Brandon`s self confession about wanting to vote out Mikayla, he could be a target. Coach obviously wants his tribe to stay as strong as possible, and Mikayla being the strongest of the females, will be a valuable part of the team in challenges. This becomes a problem for the alliance of Coach, Albert, Rick, Sophie and Brandon who were supposed to be the tightest group in the tribe.

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